Please read this wonderful blog by Jacquie. She has her own blog page as well and she’s amazing!

Hi! My name is Jacquie… you can call me… Jacquie, Jax, Jack, JC, jcrohnie, or whatever other clever nickname you can come up with! 🙂 I am always open to new nicknames. I am 30 years ol…

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Author: crohns ostomy warrior woman

I'm a 48 year old mom of three, with Crohn's and UC for the last 32 years. I only recently in May of 2016 have had a permanent ileostomy and I am now getting used to life with a bag. Considering the fact that I was so against the idea of a bag for years, choosing to suffer instead of even learning about it, being worried about all the negative impact I assumed a bag would have on my self-esteem, my lifestyle, any romantic relationship, etc. -- I have to say I have DAMN well shocked myself that I went from the outlook of, "I'd rather ride my motorcycle off a cliff than have a bag" -- to recently becoming a new ileostomate who has found a passion of advocacy and awareness. My 32 year illness and finally this bag has somehow ignited yet another passion in my life besides fitness. I want to join the other advocates for knowledge about the invisible illnesses that can lead to ostomy bags and what we all deal with and many of us try to hide. I'm passionate about bringing more awareness about ostomies to the general public. I'm hoping my blog will encourage and inspire other people who are getting a bag or already have one, to realize they can still live their wonderful life and once they are healed up from surgery, they can resume their active lifestyle or even start a new one. It does not make them any less amazing. You are still who you are, and if anything, you're stronger for the struggle. So go climb the mountains, surfboard, climb treetops courses and do triathalons if that's what you're inspired to do. Make this the new and improved you with the bag. At least now we all don't have to run to the toilet every 3 minutes! Wear your bag proudly at the pool or beach. Wear those crop tops or low slung jeans. It's our battle and we won because we're still here. I'm still sexy and I know it, with my bag, and so are all of you.

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