Morning Poo-capades….

There are some mornings when your stoma just WILL NOT COOPERATE. This was one of those mornings.

ppppoo   I wish I could say it doesn’t happen, but as any Ostomate knows, it does…the dreaded morning of your poop having an OUT OF BAG experience…

My morning started at 5:45, give or take, as I blearily looked at the clock on my nightstand.  I didn’t have to be up for another hour, but I had a sudden sensation of wetness that finally woke me and I found myself amidst a puddle of poo.

   Hope I’m not grossing any followers out, and if I am, you may want to not read this if you are having a meal.  This is not my first leak, by far, in the last two-three months with an ileostomy bag.

   So I’m up now, because it’s got to get taken care of, and  it’s just everywhere from my bag down my leg, my side, etc.  I have invested in some great protective coverings for the bed, just a personal area coverage, and thankfully that does save the sheet and mattress.

    So, everything off to jump in the shower, but my shower won’t run.  The part you turn on for the shower is stuck and I’m certainly not  taking a bath.  I still have gross bag and belt attached to me.  Figured I would take it off in the shower.  That apparently was not a great plan either.

      I’m doing  a LOT of LIVING AND LEARNING.


       So I quick run to the other main bath, get going in there.  Take my shower, all seems ok.  I take off the bag of poop that was attached still to the wafer  on most of my skin.  Dump that whole thing into the plastic garbage bag outside the shower.  Apparently I should have tied it shut.  Yeah…

     I get out of the shower, now need to deal with the gross mess that the tipped over bag made on the floor, but also need to dry up and put a new wafer on my stoma.  Also seeing that the drain in this bathtub which I hardly ever use is a very slowwwww drain.  Seeing lots of leaf particles and the like.  I guess I’ll be using drano and scrubbing the tub sometime this morning too.  Cripes! Choices, choices…what do I do first?

     I went for the more practical idea of let’s get a new wafer on squishy the stoma here, before I create more messes than I have hands to deal with.  

    And then it begins…the stoma output war.  

     It needs to stop squirting out liquid poop long enough for me to do the following.  1) get my stoma area dry

2) prep my surrounding stoma skin area with a sticky skin prep type item.  I use little wipes

3)if I can get both of these things done, then I can continue with barrier rings and the wafer and bag.


   There are some mornings when your stoma just WILL NOT COOPERATE.  This was one of those mornings.

    It was a full 20 minutes of cleaning myself off from squishy mcstoma spouting.  Then trying to use a skin prep pad, but then it would spurt again.  I was truly losing my mind and patience.  I needed to get this new wafer and a bag onto nice dry clean skin so that I could do the rest of my household mess I created this morning!!

   Eventually I had a blessed break from squishy spurting long enough for me to get a new bag on and then I got to cleaning up the floor in the bathroom.  Definitely disgusting and I’m always taking off the gross bag before I get in the shower and tying that bag closed.  Hard and gross lesson to learn.

    Got my bathroom all picked up and when the water had finally gone down in the other bath, I was able to scrub the daylights out of the tub.

     And in unusual fashion, I actually went back to bed for a couple hours because I just needed a fresh start to my day.  Ironically my bag hardly filled at all in the two hour morning nap I took.

Soooo, that was my morning poo-insanity. I’d be thrilled to NEVER have another morning go quite as awful as that.  And most don’t.  But every once in a while, we just gotta deal with this SH-T!!!!!









Author: crohns ostomy warrior woman

I'm a 48 year old mom of three, with Crohn's and UC for the last 32 years. I only recently in May of 2016 have had a permanent ileostomy and I am now getting used to life with a bag. Considering the fact that I was so against the idea of a bag for years, choosing to suffer instead of even learning about it, being worried about all the negative impact I assumed a bag would have on my self-esteem, my lifestyle, any romantic relationship, etc. -- I have to say I have DAMN well shocked myself that I went from the outlook of, "I'd rather ride my motorcycle off a cliff than have a bag" -- to recently becoming a new ileostomate who has found a passion of advocacy and awareness. My 32 year illness and finally this bag has somehow ignited yet another passion in my life besides fitness. I want to join the other advocates for knowledge about the invisible illnesses that can lead to ostomy bags and what we all deal with and many of us try to hide. I'm passionate about bringing more awareness about ostomies to the general public. I'm hoping my blog will encourage and inspire other people who are getting a bag or already have one, to realize they can still live their wonderful life and once they are healed up from surgery, they can resume their active lifestyle or even start a new one. It does not make them any less amazing. You are still who you are, and if anything, you're stronger for the struggle. So go climb the mountains, surfboard, climb treetops courses and do triathalons if that's what you're inspired to do. Make this the new and improved you with the bag. At least now we all don't have to run to the toilet every 3 minutes! Wear your bag proudly at the pool or beach. Wear those crop tops or low slung jeans. It's our battle and we won because we're still here. I'm still sexy and I know it, with my bag, and so are all of you.

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