Crohn’s disease does not define me…

    At 48 going on 49, I feel that it’s time to share my journey publicly and be an advocate for Ostomy Awareness and Crohns Disease and Colitis.
Ironically I never did join any groups like CCFA all these 32 years or go to any meetings or even look on social media for other Crohn’s patients. I just went along in my roller coaster health and dealt with things on my own.

     In May of this year, many things changed for me and I consider myself lucky to be alive and having the chance to regain my active lifestyle that I loved living before having an ileostomy bag. It was never a sure thing of how my Crohn’s would behave pre-bag, but I always tried to live as normal a life as I could.

Crohn’s disease DOES NOT and has NEVER defined who I am.   I never allowed myself to be defined by my illness and I’m still not.  

       I define it, it does not define me.

 I’m ADVOCATING and promoting awareness, while getting back to the life I used to live, pre-ostomy.  That is my goal and plan as an ostomy warrior.

     I can be an ostomy warrior with a cause or not…that’s just a small part of the many roles I play as mother, fitness fanatic, career woman, etc.