Who am I?

I am a…

mom    fitness fanatic   career woman   5k obstacle course junkie

mud run warrior   artist   karaoke singer   dancer  motorcyclist

standup paddle boarder   weight lifter   daughter   sister

I’m Jane of the Jungle in High Ropes Courses  60 feet in the trees

    I’m that probably kind of crazy but in a good way, sweet, smart, sarcastic, silly, sexy, wild at times, high energy, love fiercely, fight for what you believe in kind of woman.  And those attributes, good and not so good, have served me well to be the fighter in life that I am today and need to always continue to be.  

My father always said, “you go to the beat of your own drum,” and he is absolutely right.  I always have.  I don’t conform well.  I don’t give up.  I’m quite a real pain in the a— when I have to be.

    But it’s kept me alive and fighting through an oomphalocele at birth, Crohn’s at 16 and parenthood in general.  Now an ileostomy at 48 going on 49.  There’s nothing I can’t do.  And yes, I do plan to jump out of a perfectly sound airplane with a parachute.  Why?  Because I can and I want to.

My new body attachment of an ostomy bag has made me decide it’s important for me to do what I can to support ostomy awareness.  I have two big goals.  I want to help promote self-esteem for people to love their body with a bag.   The other is to give people with these diseases and a bag support and encouragement to go after their dreams and never give up.  Run a triathalon, climb a mountain, write a book.  

Goals were once dreams, and goals can be attained.  

#crohns  #ileostomy #roadtorecovery  #ostomate  #getyourbellyout

#stomalife #stoma #ileostomy   #babeswithbags

#crohnsdisease    #bagwhatbag  #girlswithstomas

#ostomyawareness   #ostomywarrior

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